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Plot Synopsis for "Sanctuary"

Officers assure Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake there is nothing more they can do now that Cyan Fitzgerald has been returned. As they leave, one of the officers calls Jason Wynn and informs him they are terminating surveillance of their household and Cy-Gor has been transported to Norristown Containment Facility. They haven't found the connection with Terry and all this yet but will run tests on Cy-Gor. Wynn gives his men the order to take out Terry as he's sick of dealing with him.

Spawn prepares to seek revenge on Wynn and Chapel when Cogliostro stops by. He tells Spawn that he is impetuous and doesn't understand what is going on. He tells him the worms he's using to regenerate are feeding off his soul.

Spawn visits Granny Blake and receives wisdom as always. He returns to the alleys to find the bums have found him and built a new throne for him. He falls asleep and had visions of who really killed him now that the Violator has stirred up questions as to whether it really was Chapel who killed him.

Solicit Synopsis

After Cyan is returned safely to her parents, Al has a long talk with Granny Blake and as usual her words calm him while creating inner confusion. When he gets back to the alley, the alley bums have rebuilt his throne, which seems to hypnotize him as he settles into it. The clown appears in Spawn’s trance and reveals startling facts about his past and future. Meanwhile, Jason Wynn confirms that Cy-Gor’s remains are safe at a testing facility and orders the disappearance of Terry Fitzgerald.


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