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  • Hull
  • Johnson
  • Romanick
  • Shaw

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Plot Synopsis for "Checkmate"

At Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Spawn surveys the area. Commander Hull has so many troops setup, Spawn starts out his mission covert, he melds his costume to look like the high-tech special security forces guarding Jason Wynn.

Sam Burke and Twitch Williams head to Rat City to ask about Spawn. None of the bums speak until Cogliostro steps forward. He informs the officers their fates are linked, and it wasn't by accident Spawn left Billy Kincaid's body in their office.[1]

As troops enter the building, Spawn short-circuits the door trapping a third of Wynn's men outside. He then systematically separates the men and incapacitates or kills them. Spawn reaches Wynn's room. He threatens him to leave Wanda and his family alone. He says now that he's seen what he's capable of, he knows not to mess with Spawn. Spawn jumps out the window as Hull and his men break into the room. Wynn claims he's fine so as not to loose face and grimmaces at the threat of Spawn.

Solicit Synopsis

By morphing his symbiote to match the soldiers, Spawn enters the compound where Jason Wynn has reinforced security. He successfully severs communication and power systems to cripple the battalion leaving a terrified Wynn trapped in silent darkness. Spawn surprises Wynn and threatens him with a promise to undermine his international operations until nothing remains of his empire. Meanwhile in spawn’s Alley Sam and Twitch try to unsuccessfully get information from the inhabitants about Spawn. Cog fills them in on the facts that only lead to more questions.


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  1. Spawn #5
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