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At Sam and Twitch's Private Investigators Office, Sam Burke and Twitch Williams are disappointed to have to take the stairs up as their elevator is broken. Upon entering the office, Cogliostro tells them he urgently needs their help and hands them a file on Col. Al. Simmons. When Twitch turns a flashlight on Cog he disappears, further confusing Sam and Twitch.

In Rat City, Bobby thanks Boots for saving his life.[1] Boots tells him he shouldn't have and he may have to go away for a while. Cogliostro appears behind them and tells them a third force is coming that could start Armageddon. Bobby thinks they're crazy and doesn't understand what they're talking about as Boots and Cog walk off together.

Meanwhile, Eddie Beckett tries to score some goods off the Diminos but they are reluctant to give the homeless man anything without an exchange. The son follows him as he heard that Eddie had something of value. Eddie corners him in an alley and Eddie reveals his valuable item is the bag of Necroplasm. The son knocks it out of his hand thinking it's just snot and stabs him in the chest and walks away. The Necroplasm creeps towards his wound and invades his body transforming him into the Heap.

A sudden heatwave strikes New York City. Meteorologists and geologists are unable to explain the phenomena as temperatures reach as high as 130 and many citizens flee the city.

Boots frantically searches for Cogliostro in the alleys. Once they find each other, they both agree there is a third force that is getting ready to move, one beyond Heaven and Hell.

The Spawn heads to the Dead Zone to find Boots. He suddenly senses a danger and the Heap absorbs Spawn into his body.


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