Quote1 The world is full of men who will march into hell for a pretty girl, but it's the good ones who will open the gates of heaven for her. Quote2
-- Granny Blake

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Plot Synopsis for "Farewell Dance"

Spawn is reborn and reflects on his life. Granny Blake visits her deceased husband's grave. Spawn looks over and sees Granny in the same cemetery and is surprised to see her there. Granny quickly detects sadness in Al's voice and asks him what is troubling his mind. Al explains he's able to feel the world now. He feels the city and is afraid he's loosing himself in it.

Rosemary tells him to hush and to believe. She explains how she met Jackson Blake during the war. While they fell head-over-heels in love, he soon left to join the Tuskegee Airmen. She selfishly didn't want him to go and was afraid to lose him. The night before he left he proposed to Rosemary. He told her that if they had to get married there was no way he couldn't come back.

Soon, Jack returned safely from the war. He began working to receive his law degree. He continued his fighting and began taking tough cases no one else would. Against the Mafia, the Government etc. One day, he went out to start the car and it exploded due to a bomb sabotage.

Granny tells Al she never got the chance to say goodbye. She said she moved on and was happy to have her family of Wanda form around her. Al tells her to take his hand. He teleports her to the Dead Zone and transforms her to appear young once more. She also has her vision restored. She sees her husband once again and cries in happiness. They dance together again like when they were young.

Upon leaving, Granny returns to her old age and becomes blind once more. She reminds Spawn to love Wanda, but let her live her life. She'll be with him in heaven once more once this life ends as they are soulmates.

In Queens, Cyan and Wanda are playing together when Cyan feels a presence. Wanda looks outside and spots a rose left for her. Cyan tells her it was the "sad man" who left it for her.

Solicit Synopsis

Spawn meets Granny Blake (Mary Blake) in the cemetery at the gravesite of her beloved Jack. Granny tells Al about her courtship and marriage to Jack. Al then takes Granny Blake back in time and across another dimension to once again see and hold Jack. Afterwards, Granny Blake advises Al to let go of Wanda for now assuring that they will be together forever because they are soul mates.


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