Appearing in "The Devil's Banquet"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Urizen (In a vision) (First Appearance)

Other Characters:

  • The Group




Plot Synopsis for "The Devil's Banquet"

Marcus Hargreaves 001

Marcus hosts the English Hungergames.

Spawn sees a vision of the mortal version of himself. It warns him to watch his back. Taking on Heaven and Hell is no small feat.

Elsewhere in England, a fancy dinner party commences with them drawing paper out of a hat. Reginald Blakney draws the "X" and knows he will be hunted as the "bunny." They give him a headstart before he's chased around the field. He attempts to hides in bushes until he can escape from his fate. When he attempts to climb the fence to escape the facility, he is stabbed by Marcus Hargreaves. He keeps running and hides in the bushes again as he bleeds heavily.

Reginald Blakney 001

Reggie runs for his life.

Suddenly, Albert Simmons emerges and demand Reggie tell him what if going on. Reggie explains a man named Slayton started researching the dark arts. He found a missing stand between good and evil. He believed the missing piece to be Urizen, and they could help him return. Every full moon they draw straws. Whomever drew the "X" would be hunted that month. They would then eat the flesh of that person to absorb his soul. They would do this until one man was left. He alone would usher Urizen into this world.

In the present, Reggie asks what Spawn will do with him. He replies that there is enough evil in the world that he doesn't need any more. Reggie attempts to run away but trips and snaps his neck in a ravine. Spawn uses his necroplasm on Reginald's body. When The Group find him, they bring him back to the mansion to eat him. However, they all start spitting blood as Spawn poisoned Reggie's body.


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