Real Name
Spencer Bridges
Current Alias
Vigil, Myriad
Captain Dynamo (father), Hector Chang, Gage Reinhart (half brothers), Bridget Flynn, Olivia Lews, Cynthia (half sisters)

Marital Status
Exposed to unidentified radiation
First appearance


Myriad (real name Spencer Bridges) is a comic book superhero, a member of the superhero team Dynamo 5, which appears in the monthly series of the same name from Image Comics. Created by writer Jay Faerber and artist Mahmud A. Asrar, Myriad first appeared in Dynamo 5 no.1 (January 2007).

Character background

Following the assassination of Captain Dynamo, the much-beloved superhero protector of Tower City, his widow, former government agent posing as now-retired investigative reporter Maddie Warner, discovered from his personal effects that he had been unfaithful to her countless times. Despite her devastation at this discovery, Warner realized that without a full-time protector, Tower City would be vulnerable to Captain Dynamo’s legion of super-villain enemies. She used her skills to track down five people who could be Dynamo’s illegitimate children.

Bridges is a promiscuous womanizer who has never held a job for more than two weeks, though he never seems to be without financial means. The third person contacted by Warner, he unsurprisingly agreed to join the team only because Maddie is paying him. Gathering all five of the children together, Warner exposed them to the same unidentified radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his powers forty years earlier, unlocking their powers. Spencer inherited his father’s shapeshifting ability. Donning a costume with the same color design as his father’s, Bridges took on the codename Myriad and works to protect Tower City with his newly discovered brothers and sisters, whom he is still getting to know.

A loner who has grown up in various foster homes, Dynamo 5 creator Faerber has indicated that his shapeshifting ability will tie into his lack of direction in life, saying, “He inherited Cap's shape-shifting powers, and he can now become anyone he chooses. Maybe one day he'll figure out who he wants to be.” [1]

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Metamorphosis(formerly): Myriad has the superhuman ability to alter the form of his body, his facial features, and even the clothes he wears, in order to disguise himself as anyone he chooses. Presumably, like his father, he can even alter the apparent size of his body, which even allows him to disguise himself as an obese person. He appears to require coming into physical contact with someone in order to duplicate their appearance (See photo). [2] When in battle with Dynamo 5, Myriad disguises himself by erasing all of his facial features. How he is able to see, breathe, hear and speak without them has not been explained.
  • Telepathy
  • Khandrian/Human Hybrid Physiology: His half-alien heritage allows him to retain the ability gained by his usage of Flex even after he stopped using it.



  • Drug Addiction(formerly): For a period of time Spencer boosted his physical abilities by taking a drug derived fron the Whiptail formula.

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