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In the aftermath of the events of the Wildstorm Rising saga, StormWatch returns its focus to an even bigger threat: Despot, the leader of the Warguard. After his ill-timed release[1], Despot declared he and his Warguard were to remain permanently free.

In preparation for the obvious mission to recapture Despot and the Warguard, StormWatch took the remains of the downed Spartan and with Link's help, restored him to active duty condition. Synergy quickly enlisted him to serve with the team, despite objections from Strafe. The following mission was to apprehend Despot and his followers on a Moon base that they took control of. However, Despot designed an ambush led by his field commander Judgment. During the attack, Despot turned Strafe to his side, betraying StormWatch. Spartan noted this as a vital and fatal shift in power as Strafe attacked Synergy and other former teammates including Hellstrike who suffered a containment breach in his suit. Diva ordered Winter to lead the team to safety while she held off Despot. However, Diva is easily dispatched by Despot in her brave attempt. The tide changes when Spartan finally steps forward to take command of the remaining StormWatch members.


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  1. StormWatch #22
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