Quote1 They only want servants down there, John. They don't want anyone to be cleverer than them, and they don't want anyone to love more than them. They don't want anyone to change the world. Quote2
-- Jenny Sparks

Appearing in "Change or Die: 3 of 3"

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  • Skywatch
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Paraguay



Plot Synopsis for "Change or Die: 3 of 3"

Stormwatch is gathered and prepared, all but Jenny Sparks, to take on The High and his team, The Changers. They infiltrate the Changer's base and attack swiftly and thoroughly. Meanwhile, Jenny Sparks finally gets to speak to Henry Bendix, demanding answers about the recent happenings. While Stormwatch and The Changers fight, Jenny Sparks learns that Henry Bendix is crazy, wanting to control the world in his own vision and the Changers, with their plans, would interfere with his own. Jenny Sparks kills him and tries to stop a Stormwatch crew to drop weapons on the Changers but it's too late: the Changers are killed, except for The High. The High speeds straight into space, believing that Bendix is still alive, and plans to demolish Skywatch. Jenny Sparks is forced to erect a force field, killing The High.


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