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At one time, Morgan Stryker got a call from a CIA operative Mason asking him to help him rescue several intel agents captured by the Maniguan government. At first, Stryker intended Cyber Force to help him but Heatwave refused since the situation there is complicated. Morgan continued to help Mason without the help of Cyber Force.

Stryker recruited several operatives including Bloodbow, Black Anvil, Phade, Icarus. Phade and Black Anvil were able to enter the Maniguan Presidential Palace where the alleged CIA operative were allegedly being held. However, Phade found out that there were no captured CIA operative and that the Maniguan rebels were funded by the Maniguan drug cartels under the supervision of Mason. Morgan discovered that Mason lied to him and intends to use Morgan's team to kill the Maniguan president. Anvil and Phade were then discovered and attacked by Maniguan soldiers. Phade was forced to extend in his intangible state which subsequently resulted in him disappearing apparently permanently. Anvil was able to escape capture.

Morgan together with Bloodbow attacked by Mason but were stopped and captured by Tempest who believed that she and Mason were working undercover to destroy the rebels. Killrazor was also a prisoner of Mason then under unknown circumstances.

Anvil escaped and meet up with Icarus who accidentally went to the Maniguan soldiers' camp. They were able to explain the situation and assisted them in attacking the rebels camp. Tempest created a hurricane against the soldiers but Icarus attacked her from behind rendering her unconscious. Using the distraction, Stryker and Bloodbow escaped imprisonment. Bloodbow helped Killrazor while Stryker went after Mason, who later committed suicide for fear of reprisal from the drug cartel. After capturing the rebel forces, the government surrendered the drug money to Stryker, including Tempest, who willingly accepted both. The money was then used to support an orphanage for mutants.

Death's Angel

In one job protecting the President of the USA, Death's Angel stole a Ukranian nuclear submarine. In the course of protecting the civilians, Icarus was killed by Death's Angel's minions. Stryke Force was later hired to retrieve the submarine. Stryke Force was able to disarm the nuclear warhead inside and defeat Death's Angel, who unfortunately escaped.

Storm Watch

When Weatherman 1 was attacked by an alien with the ability to mimic the appearance of anyone it came in contact with, unable to trust his people, he hired Morgan Stryker's Stryke Force to help them in flush out the alien.

The alien Sh'rrrnn took over the identity of Bloodbow when the latter was accidentally killed, and secretly joined Stryke Force as Bloodbow.

Thornewood Job

Brothers Jacob and Joshua Thornewood were trying to get the Elixir of Life and found it in the Himalayan in Nepal however it was guarded by a monster who was able to stop the people hired by Jacob Thornewood. The brothers had a wager as to who will get it. Now, Joshua Thornewood hired the services of Stryke Force to get the elixir. But Jacob, afraid of losing the bet, hired Rancor and his Scavengers to stop Stryke Force.

Upon arriving in the Himalayan, Stryke Force was attacked by Rancor and his Scavengers consisting of Brunt, Psigun and Thorn. The Scavengers defeated Stryke Force and Rancor shot the edge thinking Stryke Force fell to their death. However, Sh'rrrnn, in the guise of Bloodbow, used her abilities and transformed herself into a spider-like creature and spun a web that catches her falling colleagues.

Upon gaining consciousness, Stryke Force went to the cave and defeated the Scavengers, who almost killed the guarding monster. When the Thornewoods arrived at the well of the elixir of life, they found out that it was guarded by a bigger monster whom they presume was the first monsters mother. Joshua killed his brother Jacob to distract the monster and allow him to escape but failed and was trapped by the mother monster. Stryke Force arrived, and because they helped her son, allowed them to take a vial of the elixir of life. Stryker gave the vial to Joshua. Joshua then escaped and left Stryke Force to die but it turns out Stryker never gave Joshua the elixir and died after a while for not drinking the elixir.


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