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Appearing in "Supreme Madness part 2"

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Synopsis for "Supreme Madness part 2"

After visiting an art exhibit at the Smithsonian, Union and his companion Jill Monroe witness an explosion in the distance.  Union goes to investigate and finds several city blocks leveled.  Landing in the blast crater, he sees the bodies of Zachariah Grizlock and his assistant, Horace. He is met by Supreme who has gone mad and believes him to be Grizlock.  Supreme thinks Union wants to steal Mjolnir and blasts him with it. Union redirects the blast back and realizes Supreme is delusional.  Unable to talk him down or overcome him, Union lets Supreme blast him again and feigns defeat to prevent further destruction.  As Supreme flies away, Jill arrives, and Union explains how and why he deceived Supreme.  Elsewhere, Simple Simon tortures Horace’s brother for Horace and Grizlock’s whereabouts. He finds a piece of paper on the floor with the information he seeks and, having no further use for Horace’s brother, sets the man on fire before leaving.


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