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Appearing in "Supreme Madness part 6"

Featured Characters:

  • Supreme (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Supreme Madness part 6"

Pitt suddenly recognizes Supreme, remembering when he saved Pitt’s homeworld from a meteor strike.  Out of respect, Pitt releases him and Mjolnir.  Still out of his mind, Supreme renews his attack, and the two tumble into a nearby lake. Lightning from Mjolnir causes an explosion, sending bystanders fleeing.  As Pitt rescues a woman, Supreme surfaces, screams, and passes out. Unconscious, he remembers the events of the past few days, starting with the explosion that killed Grizlock.  He awakens surrounded by police just before a new armored villain appears on a glider overhead.  The villain identifies himself to be Simple Simon and fatally blasts several cops.  He and Supreme battle across the city until Pitt reappears and destroys Simon’s glider. Pitt offers his help to repay Supreme for saving his people, but Supreme refuses.  He remembers the incident, but he destroyed the meteor for sport, not to save Pitt’s world.  With Simon his captive, Supreme flies away.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Supreme Madness trade paperback published in 1996.
  • This issue includes an eight-page preview of the Kid Supreme mini-series with character sketches by Dan Fraga.

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