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Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Supreme (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Patch (Death)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

After resting on a small asteroid, Supreme returns to Earth.  In Washington, D.C., teenager Danny Fuller is on a school field trip.  He recalls how, days ago, he gained superhuman powers—strength, invulnerability, flight—after being caught in an explosion.  Supreme visits the grave of Louise Masters and remembers rescuing her from the Chicago mob in 1947.  He decides to go after the mafia again and flies off.  Nearby, Maxine Winslow sees him while visiting her father's grave. That night, Supreme meets with a source named Patch who points him toward Tony Twist in New York.  The next morning, Fuller finds Patch lying wounded and bloody in an alley.  Before dying, Patch tells Fuller it was the men of a New York mobster named Pug who hurt him.  Thinking that Youngblood will hire him if he takes down the killer, Fuller heads to New York.  In New York, both Twist and Pug learn of Supreme’s involvement.  Fuller bursts into Pug’s office, knocks out his men, and demands to know who killed Patch.  Pug lies and tells him it was Tony Twist.  Meanwhile, Twist has brought Overtkill to his office to protect him. Supreme arrives, and Overtkill attacks him.  Soon, their battle tumbles into the street below.



  • The explosion that gave Danny Fuller his superhuman powers was the explosion of Zachariah Grizlock's lab in Supreme #14.

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