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Appearing in "Extreme Sacrifice part 2"

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Synopsis for "Extreme Sacrifice part 2"

At the site of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, Supreme sulks over the state of affairs on Earth and realizes leaving decades ago was a mistake.  He starts to fly away, but Crypt ambushes him and wounds him with an axe.  Crypt dodges Supreme’s blows, mocks him for his belief he is a god, shoots him, and impales him with the American flag.  Crypt then teleports Supreme back to Earth, sending him crashing into a Manhattan street. A crowd gathers and mistakes him for dead.  At Youngblood headquarters, Knightsabre bursts in on Graves watching news coverage of the battle and is stunned to see Combat alive.  Knightsabre demands answers from Graves about what is happening, but Graves dismisses him and has Combat escort him out.  Crypt arrives in New York and resumes his battle with Supreme.  It rages into the night until Crypt pulls Mjolnir away, rendering Supreme powerless, breaks Supreme’s back, and tosses him off a building into Spawn’s alley.  Later, the bums who live there bring Spawn to see Supreme, but all they find is his tattered cape.


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