Appearing in "Khrome the Conqueror"

Featured Characters:

  • Supreme (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


  • Khrome (appears in both flashback and main story)
  • Torgans (flashback only)

Other Characters:




Plot Synopsis for "Khrome the Conqueror"

Clutching an unconscious Supreme, Khrome recalls joining forces with him and the Katellans to defeat the Torgans.  Afterward, when Khrome made himself emperor of the planet Maxia, Supreme and the Katellans turned against him.  Skyraker attacks, but Khrome fends him off.  Supreme comes to and orders Skyraker to get the rest of Heavy Mettle to G.A.T.E.’s medical team.  Khrome then destroys an airliner full of passengers.  At G.A.T.E., doctors tend to the injured Menagerie and Decibel just as the latter’s daughter arrives.  Elsewhere, a team of superheroes travels back in time while, in Norway, the Norse god of thunder, Thor, arrives on Earth.  The battle between Khrome and Supreme moves into Washington, D.C. Khrome unleashes a massive energy burst, destroying buildings.  Supreme realizes Khrome is blasting a hole to the Earth’s core.  Skyraker arrives to help, and Supreme warns they must be ready to sacrifice themselves to stop Khrome.



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