Quote1 I will waste no more light! I'll take care of this myself! Quote2
-- Celestine Wright

Appearing in the 1st Story

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Other Characters:

  • Aaron, classmate (First Appearance)
  • Previous Witchblade Bearers




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Sara Pezzini and McCarthy investigate the wreckage from the previous day's attack. They have little in terms of leads as everyone fled the scene.

Elsewhere, Sonatine expresses an unhappiness with Kenneth Irons on the phone. He can't believe the Witchblade was taken. Later, they recover footage of Zala, the witchblade bearer, destroying Krono. They run facial recognition software in an attempt to locate her and retrieve the Witchblade. Sandra burst in and tells them she knows the girl.

At a hospital, Mary wakes up and can't remember what happened to her or where she is. She realizes she's in a hospital and her dad walks in. He tells her she lost a lot of blood yet they can't find any scratches on her. Detective Pezzini comes in to speak with Mary. Mary tells her about the warrior and Pezzini is dubious about the claims.

Celestine Wright Switch 001

Celestine Wright returns to earth.

Later, Mary returns home and Tim shuts her door. He's afraid to talk to her after she had transformed into the monster. Later he opens up to her and the two bond once more.

Elsewhere, the Angelus bearer, General Celestine, is displeased with Krono and prepares to retrieve the Witchblade herself.

Later at school, Mary tells Rudy about what happened. Rudy doesn't want any of the drama and walks away. Suddenly, General Celestine appears in front of Mary and tells her to offer her a favor and she'll let her live. Mary gives in to instinct and transforms with the Witchblade and attacks Celestine.

Solicit Synopsis

When teenager Mary gets the Witchblade, the plans of Sonatine, Sabine, and Kenneth Irons are disrupted. Emissaries of the Darkness and the Angelus pressure Mary to side with them and her decision causes hilarity and awesomeness to follow in Sejic-style!


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