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Appearing in "Fire From Heaven, Prelude 1 of 3"

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Synopsis for "Fire From Heaven, Prelude 1 of 3"

In a parallel dimension, the Bounty Hunters enter the castle home of their employer, the Sword.  He tortures them with his energy powers for their failure to acquire Qeelocke.  They protest that they were defeated by Gen-Active superhumans, and he states that such powers can only be derived from a unique being. The Sword’s master, Damocles, hears this and says that being could be Sigma.  Damocles blames Sigma for the death of his family and destruction of his homeworld.  He orders the Sword to suspend the search for Qeelocke and find Sigma instead.  The Sword teleports the Bounty Hunters to London, slaughters a group of people, and uses the nanites in his blood to turn their remains into a scanner to locate Sigma.  He detects a signal in Gamorra and teleports there to find Kaizen Gamorra running tests on a failed clone of Sigma.  Kaizen directs the Sword to Dr. Simon Tsung, the scientist who discovered Gen-Factor and now lives in San Francisco.  Kaizen also suggests the Sword kill Stormwatch member Winter whose energy absorption powers could kill him.  The Sword teleports to the UN in New York and battles Winter while the Bounty Hunters go after Tsung in San Francisco.  There, they fight Hunter-Killers that Kaizen sent ahead to capture Tsung.  After seemingly killing Winter, the Sword arrives, slays the remaining Hunter-Killers, and finds Sigma and Tsung inside a burning house.


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