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  • Earth's moon


  • Justice Stone
  • American flag

Plot Synopsis for "Fire From Heaven Finale, Part 1 of 3"

The first several pages of this issue summarize the Fire From Heaven crossover to date. We see that Grifter has convinced Void to teleport Team 7 to the moon since they are the ones fighting for their lives. Union disagrees, though, and steps into Void's teleport field to be transported to the moon as well. It turns out that Union is following a feeling that he experienced back on Gamorra. The Sword of Damocles knows that feeling too. It turns out that, like Damocles and Dr. Tsung are dimensional counterparts, so are Union and the Sword! The rest of the issue shows their epic battle.

The Sword feels that this soft, unworthy copy of himself must die. Union reasons that the Sword's energy blade is the analog to Union's energy staff, so he knows the Sword must also have an equivalent to Union's Justice Stone. He finally locates it when punching the Sword in the stomach -- his stone is inside him!

As they continue fighting, the Sword telepathically tells Union that he knows the way back to Union's homeworld of Aegena, even though Union does not. This distracts Union and the Sword pummels him severely, sending Union sailing across the surface of the moon only to land next to the American flag planted there.

After more fighting, the Sword is ready to plunge his blade into Union and end it, when suddenly his blade begins to fizzle away to nothing. He turns around to find Winter of Stormwatch, who the Sword thought he had killed already. Union takes advantage of the moment to fight back against Damocles, and Winter tells the other heroes to back off so that they can finish their fight. The battle for some time, but finally Union takes up the American flag and stabs the pole right through the Sword's Justice Stone, killing him. Union absorbs the Sword's blade into his own Justice Stone, and then says:

"It may be a cold, lifeless chunk of rock. But it's our cold, lifeless chunk of rock. Let's take it back."


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