Tajo Caine

Tajo Caine Low 002
Real Name
Tajo Caine
Johl Caine (father, deceased),
Stel Caine (mother),
Della Caine (sister),
Marik Caine (brother)
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Tajo Caine Low 001

Tajo learning to become a helmsmen from her father.

At a young age, Tajo Caine was given a Truth Shell before her first hunt. Her father, Johl Caine believed it was time they learned to hunt and help provide for their people. While out, their Subx was attacked by pirates and Tajo was kidnapped by Roln.[1]

Growing up a Slave

Over the next 10 years, Tajo grew up with Roln as her new father. He ruled Poluma with the idea that no one should read. He used education to control people and used coliseum fights to steal their wealth.

Low Vol 1 6 001

Tajo enters the Helm Suit and takes out all of Poluma in a rage.

Stel and Marik arrived and found Tajo in captivity. They attempted to free her from the clutches of Roln, but Tajo double crossed them to have them arrested. Tajo was content with her new life under Roln.[2]

During a tank fight, Roln asked his brother Grolm to continue his telepathic control of the fight. When Grolm became distracted, Tajo's devotion to Roln stopped as well. She was fueled by hate when suddenly witnessed Marik's death at the hands of Roln. Marik's dying action was to throw a lance to save her life. Tajo decided to correct her mistakes and entered the Helm Suit. She destroyed Roln and all of Poluma in a rage. She placed her mother in a Subx and made her a promise to find Della while she sent Stel to continue on her journey to surface.[3]

Low Vol 1 9 002

Tajo using her Helm Suit to destroy.

Tajo tracked Della down to the city of Voldin. She recalled her sister being sold to the local Czar 10 years earlier. She found her sister on the verge of death as she was about to be betrayed by Lieutenant Wesal, a fellow Ministry of Thought militia member. Tajo used the Helm Suit to slaughter the Ministry members. Tajo told her that her mother has found the probe and needed Della's optimism to continue her push forward. Della agreed to head back with Tajo to meet up with her mother for the first time in 10 years.[4]

Soon, Della and Tajo returned home to Salus to recharge the Helm Suit. Della began to boss Tajo around and tell her that they needed to grab supplies and think practically to go after mom. Tajo tried to remind Della of believing in positive thinking and remember how mom would return home happier after visiting the Masaje. Della ordered her to finish packing and left to 'take care of a few things.'[5]

Tajo soon ran into Lena, Marik's ex-wife. She explained how he had fallen and became addicted to the drug Cream. When Tajo told her their plan to return to the surface, Lena offered her Subx since there was only one Helm Suit. Tajo headed to the bay where the suit was recharging and ran into Della who had returned as well. Tajo introduced Lena and they agreed they were ready to head to the surface and find their mother.[5]

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