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Talent Caldwell

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Talent Caldwell

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Promotional art by Caldwell for Wildcats: Nemesis #6

Talent Caldwell is a comic book artist best known for his work on the Top Cow Productions series Fathom. He has also drawn for DC Comics' Superman and Marvel Comics' Spider-Man characters.

Talent Caldwell came to the attention of artist Michael Turner of Top Cow Productions and was signed to work with that comic book company. He made his professional debut drawing backgrounds on Turner's Fathom. Caldwell went on to draw the Fathom mini-series Killian's Tide.

When Turner and some other Top Cow employees broke off to form Aspen Comics, Talent joined them. After a lawsuit between Aspen and Top Cow, Talent's Fathom: Dawn of War miniseries, which he co-wrote and drew, was released in 2004. Talent then left Aspen and began doing freelance work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. In the mid-2000s, he drew Image Comics' Gen¹³ series.


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