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  • Special Agent Trelane




Synopsis for the 1st Story

Two months after the formation of Team One, Lucy Blaize briefs Saul Baxter on the team’s status. Recalling members arguing over who would lead it, she informs him that she appointed John Colt as field leader. Once again, Blaize wants to quit, but Baxter convinces her to stay and support Colt. In North Dakota, Helspont leads the Cabal in an attack on Camp Williams, a nuclear missile base. Team One learns of the attack and scrambles to intervene. As the team is briefed en route, several members remember events in their lives: Colt recalls Blaize ending their romance; Majestic expresses his lack of direction to Baxter; Baxter remembers fighting a Daemonite as Lord Emp; Mason taunts a woman with a knife; a doctor informs Blaize that she is pregnant. At Camp Williams, Helspont orders his henchmen to launch a missile at New York City. This angers Slaughterhouse Smith who thought the plan was to threaten Washington, D.C. with the missiles and hold the United States for ransom. To Smith’s dismay, his men side with Helspont. Team One arrives and engages the Cabal. Majestic battles Helspont while Isaiah King and Regiment work to stop the missile launch. Daemonites overwhelm the team, and Colt orders Majestic to destroy them even though Colt himself will be caught in the blast. Majestic does as Colt asks and Team One fights on just as the lights go out.


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