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Appearing in "Blackout"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Alan Keever (First Appearance)
  • Arthur Kessler (First Appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Col. Haver (Single appearance)
  • Rowland (Only appearance; dies)




Synopsis for "Blackout"

In Earth orbit, Giger and a Cybernet team infiltrate the Liberty II space station, kill the crew, and assume control.  In Washington, D.C., Youngblood director Alan Keever orders Sentinel to assemble a team to stop Giger and retake the station.  Keever shows the team a holographic recording of Giger boasting about taking control of the world’s communications satellites.  In Manassas, Virginia, a drunken Brahma ignores Sentinel’s pages on his beeper and argues with his father.  The next day, Sentinel travels to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains to recruit operative Jake Holland a.k.a. Dutch.  Meanwhile, at Youngblood headquarters, technicians continue to monitor the seemingly catatonic Psi-Fire while Cougar, Photon, and Riptide train with new member Masada.  On Liberty II, Cybernet use the station’s capabilities to cause a power blackout across the entire Western Hemisphere.  In the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dutch agrees to help take down Giger.


  • This issue marks the first full appearance of Dutch and Masada in a story; both previously appeared in pin-ups in Supreme vol. 1 #4.


  • Col. Haver, the cigar-smoking colonel with an eyepatch shown to be in command of Liberty II before Giger arrives, is an analogue to Marvel Comics' Nick Fury.

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