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Synopsis for the 1st Story

As the Four attack Youngblood, Sentinel is stunned that Brahma has joined them.  Brahma claims that his former teammates never cared about him at all.  At the Pentagon, Graves approves Keever’s transfer of Sentinel out of field duty and orders he be replaced by Michael Frank from the Bloodpool.  In the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dutch arrives home and finds a written threat among his mail.  Back in Antarctica, Brahma relates his history to Sentinel:  his mother’s death in childbirth because he was three times the size of a normal baby, his strained relationship with his father, his success as a football player, his recruitment into Youngblood, his feelings of alienation, and his ultimate departure from the team.  Sentinel offers help, but Brahma responds with a punch.  In space, Kh’rk and the Acuran Ambassador demand Combat tell them where Photon is.  TV reporter Jack Leeds broadcasts the news that Riptide has agreed to pose nude for Pussycat magazine, and Pussycat publisher Michael Ramsey is gleeful over the free publicity.  Photon briefly overcomes the sonic effect hurting him to help against the Four, but Showdown enters the fray, and the two teams fight to a stalemate.  A voice commands Showdown, and she shows Youngblood that it belongs to the Four’s true leader, the Never Man.


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