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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Showdown introduces the Four and Youngblood to the Never Man, a powerful energy being.  Jilted that Showdown kept his existence from the Four, Brahma lunges at the Never Man only to be repelled by an energy blast. Outraged, Showdown turns on her master and joins both teams in attacking him.  At the Pentagon, Dutch visits Diehard in the infirmary and tells him of the threat he received, convinced it came from within Youngblood.  In Antarctica, the attacks of both the Four and Youngblood have had no effect on the Never Man so far so Sentinel tries combining his armor’s energy blasts with Riptide’s water manipulation powers. This weakens him, and Masada hurls a large piece of debris at him, but she ends up trapped under some herself. The Never Man has somehow nullified her powers so Sentinel provides cover fire while Brahma rescues her. Both teams flee the complex just before the Never Man’s energies flare out of control and cause it to explode.  Despite saving Masada, Brahma refuses to rejoin Youngblood and leaves with the Four.  In space, Combat is sulking in his cell when a prisoner in another cell speaks cryptically to him in English.


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