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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Graves and Keever walk in on Riptide getting dressed and threaten to end her career with Youngblood if she poses nude for Pussycat magazine.  Furthermore, Keever reveals they have negotiated with the publisher, Michael Ramsey, to pay a kill fee which they will deduct from her salary. Incensed, she confronts Ramsey and demands he pay her double to pose as well as refrain from contacting Graves and Keever.  Later, Sentinel and the others discuss the matter and all but Cougar are disgusted. Riptide walks in, and Sentinel snubs her.  Dutch meets with Graves about the death threats he received and his suspicion that they come from within Youngblood.  Graves says he is shocked and will investigate.  Sentinel arrives home and complains to his wife about Keever’s plan to promote him to a bureaucratic leadership role.  She supports the move, saying it will give him more time for research and for her.  In New York, Ramsey watches as Riptide poses for the photo shoot.  En route to try and talk her out of it, Masada chastises Cougar for his anticipation of seeing the pictures.  Days later, Graves looks at Riptide’s pictorial in the magazine and decides to fire her.  On his orders, Keever visits Riptide at home and tells her that, after one last mission to bring in the New Men, she is off the team.


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