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Appearing in "Extreme Sacrifice part 6"

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Synopsis for "Extreme Sacrifice part 6"

Surveying the superheroes gathered at Youngblood headquarters, Combat remains suspicious of Graves’ intentions.  Graves reminds him that, if not stopped, Chapel will conquer other worlds, including Combat’s native Katella.  Sentinel informs Cougar and Photon that Crypt appears to have killed Supreme while Shaft is reunited with his father, Colonel Bravo.  Knightsabre and Troll reveal they are also members of the Order of the Knight. Suddenly, a badly beaten Warwolf crashes through the window followed by Crypt.  Link attacks Crypt, but then the wall explodes, heralding the arrival of the Newborn. After claiming Reign’s control gem, the Newborn psionically blasts Crypt.  However, Crypt is immune to the gem’s power, takes it for himself, and seemingly kills the Newborn.  The assembled heroes attack, but Crypt fends them off.  He is about to kill Dash when Sentinel tackles him and detonates a small fusion reactor.  Exit uses his teleportation powers to vent most of the explosion elsewhere.  Unfortunately, the blast eventually overcomes him and the others, laying waste to Youngblood headquarters.  Graves is stunned and horrified watching from his private sanctum with Combat.  Crypt crawls unscathed from the wreckage just as Prophet and Kirby arrive.


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