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Synopsis for "Porcelain Gods"

In a review meeting at the Pentagon, new Youngblood director Battlestone derides Shaft’s handling of the mission to rescue Robert Thomas.  Shaft protests, but Stone says he thinks Youngblood is performing badly and reveals that the U.S. Senate almost defunded the team.  Dutch disappeared after the mission so Cougar, Knightsabre, and Vogue go to his mountain cabin to find him.  Inside, Knightsabre and Vogue find evidence someone in the Youngblood program was after Dutch while Cougar discovers a hidden bunker in the back yard.  In orbit, Katellan Admiral Kh’rk seeks to recapture Combat and summons an invasion fleet from Katella.  Meanwhile, Battlestone takes delivery of Psi-Fire in a stasis pod.  Sentinel and Shaft are discussing the earlier meeting when Keever summons Sentinel for a meeting.  He and Battlestone reveal that the Katellan ship has been detected in orbit. In a news broadcast, TV reporter Jack Leeds questions the integrity of Youngblood following Thomas’s death. Dutch breaks into Thomas’s home looking for evidence that can exonerate him.  A woman catches him, holds him at gunpoint, and introduces herself as Marla Thomas.  A team consisting of Combat, Diehard, Masada, Riptide, and Sentinel flies into orbit to investigate the Katellan ship just in time to see the arrival of the invasion fleet.


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