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Appearing in "ShadowHunt part 4: Hunting"

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Synopsis for "ShadowHunt part 4: Hunting"

On the Brooklyn Bridge, Diehard’s Youngblood squad moves in on the renegade Shadowhawk. Badrock plugs its flamethrower, causing an explosion that blasts the vigilante high into the air.  As it falls, however, it activates its wings and takes flight.  Diehard and Sentinel pursue it, but it severs several bridge cables which knock them out. Shaft arrives and pulls Diehard and Sentinel aboard his squad’s jet while Badrock, Knightsabre, and Riptide rescue civilians.  Shaft sees Shadowhawk about to attack Knightsabre so he fires an arrow to draw it away.  The members of Bloodpool watch as he then tackles Shadowhawk, stabs it with two arrows, and pushes into the river below.  An explosion sends Shaft flying through the air, but Vogue moves the jet to catch him. Shadowhawk walks ashore, but, before Bloodpool and Youngblood can attack it, New Man appears and says the robot is under his protection.


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