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Zack Thompson
Ed Thompson (father)

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Police Officer
High School
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A High School kid named Zack Thompson finds a dying alien from a race of incredibly intelligent but physically weak beings called the Geldarians. To make up for this they have invented the Tech Jacket, a vest that every Geldarian is equipped with upon birth. Seeing the human and knowing his crashed spaceship is going to blow up and kill them both, the alien fits him with the Tech Jacket saving his life[1]. But now the Tech Jacket can't be removed and gives Zack, "the most powerful weapons in the universe". After saving his father (who is therefore aware of the Tech Jacket) from some thugs, Zach tells him about the crashed spaceship and dying alien, later the Geldarians show up, thinking Zack killed Kelda (the alien) and stole the Tech Jacket [2]. After helping the Geldarians fight the Kresh, the Geldarians felt grateful towards him. [3].

Upon returning to earth he finds his parents home and store empty. He sleeps in the abandoned store but is awoken by the thugs searching for his parents. Zach trounces the thugs and forces them to take him to their boss. After persuading the loan shark to leave his family alone (which the loan shark does as, being a realist, he knows that there is nothing that can beat the tech suit in his arsenal), Zach finds his father who had relocated due to the issue with the loan shark. The last Kresh however return to seek revenge on Zack but Zack once again defeats them only to have his mother return and see the alien bodies littering her lawn.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Power Suit: As the final act of a dying Geldarian, Zach was bound to a highly advanced alien battle-suit called a Tech Jacket. His suit was later upgraded by the Colossal, making him far more powerful than before. The Tech Jacket provides Zach with various abilities, such as:


Strength level

Zack has been stated to be thousands of times more powerful than any Geldarian can hope to become. His strength was later augmented by the Colossal.


  • Item Dependency: * Removal of jacket is an extremely complex and dangerous operation. Also at every attempted removal the armor will simply report that removal is not permitted under executive decree 574-3.[2]



  • Tech Jacket: The Tech Jacket is a powered exoskeleton called "the most powerful weapon in the universe", the Tech Jacket was created by the Geldarians to make up for their physical weakness. But one found its way to Zack Thompson, a human high school student.

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