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Quote1.png But imagine if her power is in her blood? We could be super-heroes, Mike! Quote2.png
-- Teddy


Teddy is a curious child who loves to capespot. He will listen to the radio and walk to hills with binoculars to see if he can spot any flying heroes.[1] He became an outcast at school and earned the nickname tugger when he was caught masturbating in the bathroom in seventh grade.[2]

One day, he stumbled upon the body of Plutona, Metro City's greatest superhero. He, along with his friends, decided to bury her and keep the death a secret to keep the town safe. However, late at night unbeknownst to his friends, he carried a knife and stood over Plutona.[3] Mike returned later that night and found Teddy standing over her. Together they agreed to move the body and hide it from the others.[4]

Teddy attempts to give himself super powers.

The next day the group returned and was sad that the body was missing. They returned home empty handed except for Teddy and Mike. They secretly stayed behind with Plutona's body. Teddy pulled out a knife and extracted a small amount of blood to see if it would give them powers.[4]

Over the next few days, Mike and Teddy sneaked away at night and cut their fingers to try an fuse Plutona's powers with them. Teddy began to feel sick and eventually stayed home from school for several days. When he returned, he was agitated more than usual and even pushed back at the older and stronger Ray when he was being picked on. Later, Mie and Ray investigated Teddy's strange behavior and stumbled upon their secret in the forest. When things became physical, Ray pushed Teddy and Teddy fell over and stabbed himself in the stomach with the knife they were using.[2]

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