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Quote1 My forefathers drew their power from nature, but that world was long ago quelled by the growth of this city. Quote2
-- Teleshaman


Teleshaman gets his powers from the availability of technology through the world. His ancestors before him garnered their power from nature but that is no longer as powerful as his new source of technology reliance.[1]

Teleshaman first appeared in Dedande City and performed rituals with a goat in front of the druglord, The Thumb. When the P.I. Clay began investigating the Thumb, he caught footage of the Thumb murdering one of his underlings during a drug deal.[2] When Clay reviewed the footage later, however, the Teleshaman was present in the footage. He suddenly turned and pulled Clay through the TV into his world. He then showed him his roommate working with another deity before attempting to kill him. However, Clay defeated the Teleshaman with the help of Papa Legba and escaped the TV world.[1]

Clay though the Teleshaman had been killed, but later he was knocked out and tied up. When Clay came to, Bridgette walked in and revealed she had orchestrated everything only to let him go now. Clay was confused but didn't argue. He was pulled into the TV by the Teleshaman, who he thought had been killed. The Shaman informed him that Bridgette was powerful and wise as he let Clay go into the swamp. He told Clay his death was an elaborate plot to escape the grip of the Thumb as he had been under his control for far too long.[3]

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  • Reality Manipulation: Teleshaman can pull people into a TV world. He can also see through TV sets into people's lives.[1]

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