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Real Name
Terra Grayson
Current Alias
Lord Argall (great-grandfather, deceased)
Nolan Grayson (paternal grandfather)
Deborah Grayson (paternal grandmother)
Adam Wilkins (adoptive maternal grandfather)
Betsy Wilkins (adoptive maternal grandmother)
Mark Grayson (father)
Samantha Eve Wilkins (mother)
Oliver Grayson (paternal half-uncle)
Haluma (paternal half-aunt by marriage)
Two unnamed paternal half-cousins
Marky (half brother)

2/3 Human, 1/3 Viltrumite Hybrid
Place of Birth
First appearance



Terra Grayson was born to Samantha Eve Wilkins, a human with transmutation powers, and Mark Grayson, a Human/Viltrumite hybrid

Time on Earth

Terra Grayson 001

Terra as an infant.

Terra was given birth to by Eve after her emergency surgery after having her leg dismembered. Mark holds her after she was delivered. Mark cries after seeing Terra. She is then give to Eve to look on as they say "her life will be screwed up." While Terra is being attended to, Eve send Mark on his way. After her recovery, they go back to Eve's house with Terra. She would breasfeed Terra while they had dinner, much to her grandfather's disgust. She would put Terra to bed while they attend the funerals of Black Samson, Knockout & Kid Thor, and Cecil Stedman. Terra wakes up crying after Eve attempts to sleep with Mark. Eve would go see Immortal and Kate in their mountain hideout. She would play and leave after her parents refused to help Kate and Immortal against Robot. While she sleeps in the spaceship, Eve and Mark decide on their name, Terra, as Eve calls her "their own little piece of Earth"

Arrival to Talescria

Mark and Eve arrive to Talescria after their long trip. They are greeted by Allen in which he gets a closer look at Terra. Terra punches his eye, much to his surprise. Eve changes her diaper and the trio go to sleep on the couch. Eve puts Terra in her crib and attempts to have sex with Mark, much to his shock. Eve breastfeeds Terra while Mark is using the bathroom. Afterwards, she would put Terra back to in her crib. After an emotional revelation from Mark about Anissa, Eve goes to check on Terra, who was not breathing.

Post Reboot

Mark had left to stop Thragg one day. He mysteriously disappeared for several years.[1] Following Mark's return, he had thought he was only gone days but he found years had passed as Terra had the appearance of a child, as opposed to an infant when he had left.[2]

Character Powers and Equipment

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Terra will likely develop Viltrumite powers because Viltrumite DNA overrides the DNA of lesser developed beings.[3][4] She already shown some degree of power as she was able to injure Allen [5] by punching him in his eye, even after his invulnerability increased. It is also possible she may get her mother's transmutation powers.

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