The Atheist is a horror comic book originally released in April 2005 and is published by Image Comics. Phil Hester, of "The Wretch" and "Green Arrow," writes "The Atheist," while British John McCrea of "Hitman" does the black and white artwork. The storyline revolves around present day humans that are having their bodies being "possessed" by the souls from Hell similar to the possessions in the fifties horror movie "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers". The souls from Hell then begin an extremely hedonistic and malicious lifestyle that includes raves, drugs, self mutilation, murder, and other violence. The processed bodies then start congregating in Winnipeg, Canada.


  • Antoine Sharpe - the main character who has the nickname "The Atheist" not for a lack of religious belief, but because Sharpe has an "uncompromising brand of logic." Sharpe is "independently contracted" by the United States government to evaluate the bizarre events caused by the souls from Hell processing living human bodies.
  • Melissa Nguyen - The other main character on The Atheist. She is an employee of The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Sharpe and Nguyen team together to stop the souls from Hell.

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