Quote1 Now, you have to understand, I'm pro-choice, and I do not deny the imperative of childbirth -- but if you think I'm giving you the chance to squat out more beasties hellbent on smacking me to death, then you're weirder than you look. Quote2
-- The Engineer

Appearing in "Outer Dark (Part II of IV)"

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  • "God"

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Plot Synopsis for "Outer Dark (Part II of IV)"

Leaving off from the last issue, the parasitic missiles that were launched from the moon heads for Japan. On the said nation, Midnighter and Apollo teleports to Tokyo. Apollo doesn't see anything wrong but Midnighter detects the incoming parasites. Apollo quickly flies into the sky and attempt to destroy every parasitic objects. Coming to the last projectile, Apollo is about to destroy it until the parasites within the projectile burst, some of them attacking Apollo and many others attacking the Tokyo streets as they slaughter any human being on sight. In communication with Jenny Sparks, Midnighter requested to not allowing any reinforcement to eradicate the parasites and quarantine Japan should the aliens breed and multiply. However, Jack Hawksmoor teleports in and joins the fight, detailing to Midnighter that Jenny wouldn't allowed it. Apollo then later crashes into where they are.

Meanwhile, after receiving reports from Christine Trelane about the parasites that landed in Africa, Jenny, Swift, and The Engineer arrives at the site of the impact. There they discover that the air surrounding the area is poisoned. The Engineer urge Jenny and Swift back to the Carrier as she can built a replace lung for her to breathe to allow her stop the alien infestation from terraforming the area. After this, Angie flies across the changed and bizarre landscape and finds the source of the infestation, confronting the organism as she forms her weapons.

On the Carrier, Jenny assess from Midnighter that the situation in Tokyo is under control, and she wants Apollo to assist the Engineer to eradicate the infestation in Africa. Swift, however, informs her to put down the later as Jackson King and Trelane just received information from the NSA and the U.S. space command that the parasites came from the moon. With this, Jenny then instead orders Apollo to travel to the moon and "sterilize" it. In Japan, the three Authority members are surprised of this, which Midnighter questions Jenny of whether having the Doctor to complete the task. Jenny reply that Jeroen is "working on the plan"...

In the Garden of Astral Memory, Jeroen learns from his predecessors that the Earth cannot be retaken by a being that is closer to "God". Unbelieving in hearing this, Jeroen is untethered that Earth's enemy is "God". However, the previous Doctors elaborate that the being "God" created the solar system and Earth for it to live. Except the Earth is not 'corrected' during its early lifeless creation forcing the "God" being to leave and come back for Earth when it is habitable. With its very long absence, a rogue planet that became Earth's moon impacted the planet and allowing life to spawn. By now, "God" finds its "retirement home looks like hell", it wants to change Earth to what it was suitable to it by annihilating the six-billion "infection" (i.e. humanity) off the planet.

Learning from this, Jeroen quickly awakens from his slumber and alerts to Jenny that they need to take the Carrier into real space.

It is now December 30th, 1999 as Apollo flies above the moon sterilizing all of "God's" parasites ('spores'). In Africa, the Engineer eradicates the infestation there. As she briefs to Jenny of having herself turning the devastated land back to it was before, she then alarmingly sees a large pyramid-like object eclipsing the sun...


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