Quote1 Because I can. Because I am a wolf in a world of sheep. Because terror is the blood of life and its guiding principle. I have no politics to espouse through my terror, no ideals to force through. Terror is its own reward. Quote2
-- Kaizen Gamorra

Appearing in "The Circle (Part III of IV)"

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  • Shinya Hoshino


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Plot Synopsis for "The Circle (Part III of IV)"

The Authority help rescue London residents from the wreckage of the city after the battle with Kaizen Gamorra's superhuman army. Swift and the Doctor save two people from underneath a load of rubble as a disbelieving London official looks on.

The Authority return to the Carrier, where Apollo persists on finding a way to break the Gamorran Curtains. Jenny Sparks reveals to him that the Carrier's Doors can open up anywhere on Earth, because the Carrier exists both on Earth and outside of it. Jack Hawksmoor and the Engineer discover Kaizen Gamorra's plan. Kaizen is planning to cut his family's symbol, a circle with three knots, onto the planet. The first knot was Moscow, the second was London, and the third is to be Los Angeles.

On Gamorra Island, Kaizen Gamorra is confronted by Shinya Hoshino, a negotiator for the United Nations. He laughs at Shinya, and at the United Nations hypocrisy of blaming Gamorra for innocent death when Henry Bendix killed over two hundred innocent Gamorran citizens.

Back on the Carrier, Jenny Sparks sends the Midnighter into Gamorra to try and discover a weakness in Kaizen's forces. The rest of the Authority heads for Los Angeles, as Jenny comments how "this mess might turn into an actual team yet."

The Midnighter arrives in Gamorra just as the rest of the Authority arrive to find a battalion of several hundred Gamorra clones speeding towards Los Angeles.


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