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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

At Faraway Station, Primor speaks with UNa about renting the Nebula Left. UNa throws out a ludicrous price which causes pause for Primor.

Later, they agree on a price as they walk towards the ship. UNa explains that Primor wanted to return to the Sionnu homeworld. He explained it's a risky endeavor since the red Sionnu don't allow grey Sionnu there; they are but mere slaves. Ryleth is hesitant as he thinks the trip will be to boring and urges Yuri Gagarin that they pursue alternate adventures. Yuri refuses and is happy to have finally reunited with Laika.

As they press on, Ryleth asks Primor how he gained his freedom. Primor tells him he murdered all of those that were his masters.

On the Science Council Homeworld, the Great Sionox accepts new data from the minister. He's told that part of his folder was destroyed by a malformed spore.[1] He orders more librarians to investigate the situation to learn how this could have happened.

On the Nebula Left, the crew discuss how to infiltrate the Sionnu space. They'll need to use a Sionnu Gate which requires a Gateway Access Key. Ryleth informs them he has a key at the court he serves in. They postulate it will be poorly guarded as it is a holiday.

Later at the court, they dodge dozens of guards and bullets at the court while stealing the key. When UNa attempts to pick up the key, he explodes in a defense trap. Ryleth laughs and informs them that the penalty serves him right for trying to steal. They are all shocked that they had been betrayed and at his cruel sense of justice. Laika takes the opportunity to knock Ryleth out for them to escape with the key. They jump out a window and Rys flies them to safety.

Ryleth watches them fly away and becomes excited at the increasing crimes they've committed as he looks forward to punishing them.


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  1. The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars #1
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