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Enrico Fermi and Harry Daghlian sit amidst Los Alamos which has vastly expanded since their infinite budget has began.[1] Daghlian tells Enrico he wants to eat a milkshake and Enrico launches into a diatribe about abundance and the need for efficiency.

The two meet Helmutt Grottrup at a Red Torii to make a jump. The machine is now powered by vats of artificial life, those grown without brains so they feel no pain. FDR AI greets them and brings them to a meeting room with the other members of the Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer proposes 3 plans.

  1. Ares: Building super rockets to explore space and colonize Mars
  2. Gaia: Radically extend life of human beings through science and medicine. Cure all diseases.
  3. Vulcan: Long-term energy plan. Since their infinite money will eventually evaporate as the Russians and Americans are actually working together, they need to make money.
  4. Charon: A secret plan he doesn't announce to anyone but one of his internal alternate personalities thinks about.

Daghlian and Fermi walk outside on the moon and talk about being friends.

Daghlian recalls before his accident and stood there as a scientist walked a plutonium ball towards a machine. He watched the man trip and drop it lighting his body and flesh on fire until only irradiated bones remain. He recalls being placed in a prison to protect his radiation from affecting others. Enrico Fermi was the only person who visited him. He eventually rigged a machine for Daghlian to leave the solitary confinement and move about in his suit.

Dahglian and Fermi walked outside and discussed that one day Fermi would have to tell everyone he is an alien.


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  1. The Manhattan Projects #9



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