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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

At Los Alamos, the Manhattan Project members bury their friend, Enrico Fermi. After everyone leaves, Albrecht Einstein tells Richard Feynman to grab a shovel and he'll tell him how he thinks project Gaia should begin.

One year later, Einstein continues cutting up aliens that he and Feynman have retrieved over the year. He's performing a brutal research and Feynman claims it looks more like a butcher shop than a research facility.

On the Moon, Yuri Gagarin says goodbye to his friend Laika who is going on a five year cruise around the earth in their new atomic rocket.

In the Earth's Core, project Vulcan continues as Harry Daghlian takes a bath in lava. Leslie Groves and Dmitriy Ustinov are happy to see him getting back to productive state as he was torn up over the loss of Enrico.[1] Groves gloats over the gigantic atomic power source they have built.

At the White House, John F. Kennedy is doing cocaine as Joseph Oppenheimer walks in to give him pictures of the Russians and Americans secretly working together. Joseph asks Kennedy if he thinks they should do something about it.

Later, Joseph is building large contraptions and having discussions with his later-egos. His alter egos recommend killing the rest of the Manhattan Project members.


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