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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

The Manhattan Project members sit confined in a jail cell. Leslie Groves reaches over and pulls a ping out of Wernher von Braun's body.

William Westmoreland enters the cell and drops Yuri Gagarin back in the room with the rest of the members of the Manhattan Project. Westmoreland informs them he tortured Yuri for information and learned that Groves was the only person who knew about all three projects. He then takes Groves away for interrogation.

Joseph Oppenheimer is frustrated with his fourth project as he needs additional information to proceed. He brings Groves in for interrogation and consumption so that he may gather the information he needs. Before taking a bite, his eyes change from blue to red, which are the colors of Robert Oppenheimer in his internal civil war.[1]

Albrecht Einstein and Richard Feynman wake up from being drugged.[2] They are slightly concerned as they have left the door open from their portal hopping and a dangerous creature is free to roam the halls. They postulate that they are safer in confinement than the US troops are with the creature on the loose.


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