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In a flashback, the Germans and U.S. army meet to discuss an alliance. Wernher von Braun is quick to call out they know about their secret space program research in Star City and know that it's based on alien technology. While Dmitriy Ustinov first denies it, von Braun tells him not to loose sight that the bigger picture is they are not alone in the universe, and that these aliens pose a threat to earth. The Americans tell Yuri Gagarin he was not the only man in space, as they sent some to another planet and exterminated the Siill.[1]

Von Wernher proposes the two combine research and find a way to invent technology to save earth in case of an invasion. Yuri Gagarin says the governments would never allow this action. Von Wernher tells him he's not asking for permission, he's just going to do it. He tells them if they don't comply, they've already created 20 nuclear bombs and with the Gateway, they could port them to any major city as blackmail. When asked if they are interested, they're all shocked by Laika the space dog replying with "yes".

In the present, Wernher von Braun has Dmitriy Ustinov turn on the Red Torii that the U.S. gave to them as an act of good faith. Braun explains it's powered by human souls, and Ustinov looks at Helmutt Grottrup with plans to use the German scientists to power it.

At the War Department, US soldiers rush in ordering Enrico Fermi and Harry Daghlian to turn off the gate. Fermi morphs into an alien creature and takes out several dozen soldiers armed with automatic weapons. Daghlian remains unimpressed and says he's fine after a brief slaughter.

Harry S. Truman receives word at the White House and puts his Freemasons orgy on pause when he hears the news.

Albrecht Einstein and Richard Feynman watch as more Death Buddhists die from powering the Torii. They step through the gate to see a large machine being built that makes Richard feel secure. Einstein tells him he's not as sure and that this is just the beginning. The real men with power are just getting started, such as presidents. Over them, a large screen with the FDR AI reports on the Torii gate status.


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