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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Richard Feynman turns on the FDR AI. Leslie Groves intimidates the machine into telling them about their enemies. The FDR AI machine complies and Laika pees on the cord shorting it out killing it. They agree to split up.

In the Containment Area Alpha, Albrecht Einstein sneaks up on El Conquistadori. He knocks him out with his own luchador title belt and forces him to tell him sensitive bank account and details as the treasurer. When he finally has revealed all of the information, Einstein kicks him through the Gateway he had came to investigate which spits him out in outer space, imploding his body under the atmospheric pressure.

At the War Department, Groves and Dmitriy Ustinov sneak into his office from a ceiling entrance. They spot The Robe and Ingol. When Ingol informs them he owns them and won't let them in, not knowing they were above him, Groves lets his cigarette fall on him incinerating him as he was covered in accelerant from peeing in his office.

Nehebu uses his magic to block bullets being sprayed at him from Laika. Yuri Gagarin sneaks up behind and snaps his neck.

Harry S. Truman is on the phone frantically trying to understand what happened with his troops when Joseph Oppenheimer calmly walks in. Truman panics and asks if he's going to kill him. Joseph replies with of course not, "I'm going to eat you."

Six months later, Groves and Oppenheimer debrief president John F. Kennedy on the race to the moon against the soviets. The president writes them a blank check unaware that they have already reached the moon and more, and just want money to perform unlimited research.

At Los Alamos, Wernher von Braun wakes up from a multi-month coma. Feynman tells him to slow down and that much has changed as he calibrates his new cybernetic legs and arms. Wernher is shocked to see the new president speaking on TV and Feynman informs him he wrote part of the speech. When Wernher finds out they now have a blank check to perform whatever research they desire, he is beside himself in wonderment.


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