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The Maxx (TV series)

Information-silk.png Starring
The Maxx
Information-silk.png Played by
Michael Haley
Information-silk.png Creators
Sam Kieth; Bill Messner-Loebs
Information-silk.png Runtime
11 minutes
Information-silk.png Country
United States of America
Information-silk.png Network
First Aired
Last Aired

April 8, 1995
June 19, 1995


Season 1

  1. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 1
  2. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 2
  3. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 3
  4. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 4
  5. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 5
  6. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 6
  7. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 7
  8. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 8
  9. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 9
  10. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 10
  11. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 11
  12. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 12
  13. The Maxx (TV series) Season 1 13


The Maxx comic book series was adapted into an animated series as part of the MTV program Oddities. It covered Darker Image #1, The Maxx #1/2, and issues #1-11 of the regular series, depicting the introduction of Julie, the original Maxx, Mr. Gone, and, later, Sarah. The series included few of the revelations of the characters' origins, however, and did not describe the interconnections between them.

The animation frequently changes styles. In one scene, characters may be rendered in detail but in the next, they may be simplified and cartoonish. CGI and even live-action are sometimes integrated in with the hand-drawn animation. Critics such as Richard Matthes have noted how much of the animation is based directly off of panels from the comic. [1] "The cartoon version of The Maxx follows the comics’ art almost line-for-line. Instead of attempting to cartoon-ify the dark tone of the comic books, the producers made the wise decision to use animation that is nearly identical to the panels within the Image comics. In addition, the animators did as little animating as possible. They don’t insert motion just to show that they can; instead, they hold on to shots, using movement only when absolutely necessary."

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