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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Cindy Bly and Gramps fly in a helecopter. He looks through the phone for clues. He notices there are several podcasts that are shorter than 3 seconds long. He realizes the filenames must be a code. He recognizes the work for dam in French and they head to the Wonderwall.

The Private Eye Vol 1 10 001

Raveena and Melanie barely dodge certain death.

At the wall, the rocket takes off. Raveena grabs Melanie and they dive out of the way as P.I. is caught head on in the blast. After the smoke clears, they spot PI hanging on to the rubble. After the rocket explodes, a tidal wive sweeps over the rubble.

Three months later, the news covers the event and covers up the reality of the internet almost be relaunched. At Gramps' home, he throws cereal at the TeeVee, upset at the lies and coverup. Gramps tells Mel he believes PI is still alive. He says they would have found a body by now if he were dead.

The Private Eye Vol 1 10 002

The explosion!

Elsewhere, Mike Strunk approaches Raveena in a park. He tells her about rumors he's hear about a female paparazzi taking up the mantle and recommends that she quit if it's her. He leaves her a small piece of his Dreamcoat as he leaves. She places it over her head with only an eye exposed as an homage to PI.


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