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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Melanie sits in the hospital with her mom, recuperating from the car accident. She receives a card from P.I. and smiles. Deputy correspondent Mike Strunk arrives and wants to ask a few questions. Mel's mom throws him out when he makes accusations of her being implicated in a murder case and a breakout from the Los Angeles Public Library.

At the Tubes, PI and Raveena interrogate the man further. He tells them he would meet with Taj McGill to discuss beginning back the internet. The sessions were lead by DeGuerre. He also tells them a man named Nebular went there and he lives in Santa Monica.

DeGuerre tells the Frenchmen to investigate hospitals to see if the news story featuring PI plans out. They want to discover how much he knows.

PI and Raveena talk about the internet coming back. Raveena says it won't happen as people don't have computers. Suddenly, they both realized everyone has a TeeVee. They arrive at the Wonderwall, a huge wall surrounding Los Angeles.

At the hospital, the Frenchmen grab Melanie and attempt to escape with her. When Strunk spots them attempting to escape, the groups exchange gun fire and successfully tags one of them as they escape with Melanie.

PI and Raveena break into Nebular's apartment.


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