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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

A couple weeks after getting the guns, Rick and Shane are teaching everyone how to shoot. Everyone is impressed with Andrea's skill. Both Rick and Shane agree that she is possibly the best shot of the group. Rick also insists on teaching Carl, despite Lori's disapproval. After Rick announces to everyone that Carl will be carrying his own gun, Rick and Lori have a fight.

When everyone makes it back to camp, Donna shows her disgust of Andrea and Amy sleeping in the camper with Dale. A couple days later, Rick, Shane, and Dale go to get firewood and they talk about the girls living with Dale. Rick says how he sees nothing wrong with it and Dale says that nothing is going on. He says the the two simply keep things clean and give him some comfort since his wife passed away a couple months ago. After Rick mentions how cold it's getting, Shane yells at him, saying how tired he is of hearing Rick talk. Rick is shocked, Shane leaves with firewood, and Dale says to Rick that Shane has issues.

That night they talk about what they did before the outbreak. Dale mentions he was a salesman, retired, and on the road with his wife. After the outbreak, she died and afterward, he found Amy and Andrea. Andrea mentions she was a clerk at a law frim and was driving Amy back to college. Glenn was a pizza delivery boy. Allen says that he was a shoe salesman supporting the rest of the family. Jim simply says he was a mechanic. Rick and Shane recount their stories, and Carol mentions that she used to sell tupperware and her husband had killed himself after watching his parents die in front of him. Amy goes to the RV to use the bathroom when she is attacked by zombie which bites her in the neck and kill hers. The survivors are attacked by zombies which they are able to fight off. Lori is nearly killed by a zombie but is saved when Carl shoots it. Jim launches into a rage and attacks a zombie while yelling at it saying that it killed his family. When all the zombies are dead Andrea shoots Amy in the head in order prevent reanimation. It is then revealed that Jim was bitten in the arm when he killed the zombie.

Solicit Synopsis

It was only a matter of time before their camp was attacked...and that time has come. Rick Grimes and company find themselves surrounded by zombies. Who will die, who - if anyone - will survive? Who will be the next to join the walking dead?


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