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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

The survivors of the zombie apocalypse mourn the death of Amy and attempt to make Jim as comfortable as possible while he fights off the diseases that may have transferred to him when he was bitten. Rick, Shane and Carl go into the woods to hunt for some more food when Shane freaks out again about moving the camp. While he and Rick argue, Carl runs away and Rick chases after him. That evening, Jim asks his friends to leave him in the woods somewhere so that he can, maybe, be with his family again someday.

In the morning, Shane and Rick get into another fight about whose fault it is that Amy and Jim are dead. Shane takes a swing at Rick but is stopped when Lori slaps him. He runs off and is chased by Rick, but he's clearly gone off the deep end. Shane declares that everything was perfect until Rick showed up (much to Rick's confusion) and threatens him with his shotgun. When he's just about to pull the trigger, he's shot through the neck by Carl. Shane dies choking on his own blood. The book ends with Carl saying "It's not the same as killing the Dead ones, daddy" and Rick replying, "It never should be, son. It never should be."

Solicit Synopsis

After last issue's horrendous attack on the camp, the survivors are left to pick up the pieces. Tensions run high as the gravity of their situation starts to sink in with Rick and the others. What happens when they stop focusing on the zombie threat and hand and turn their aggression towards one another?


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