• Really good job on the edits. Please see this for how to reference your content on character pages. This helps us stay more usable as a reference site.

    SforHope wrote: A regular reference would be <ref>{{c|Flash Vol 2 182}}</ref>. If you want to reuse that source, you have to use refname. It's simple: <ref name=FL128>{{c|Flash Vol 2 182}}</ref>.

    The name can be anything, as long as you're consistent and it makes sense (usually two-letter abbreviation+issue number). If you're using spaces (like <ref name="Flash Vol 2 182">{{c|Flash Vol 2 182}}</ref>) you have to use ". If you're reusing the source, you only need to add <ref name=FL128/> (note the extra /).

    Hope that helps you to add citations and references.

    (P.S. The explanation was written by Tupka217)

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