• I'll ask gravelord for permission but please be aware of what harm you are potentially bringing. There were only a few references so I'll see if I can fish them back but please source any content added.

    Hello WolfMan91/@comment-25737724-20151009145324.

    Thank you for your edit on this wiki.

    With that said, we have noticed your recent edit on the Rudolph Conners page and it appears that you have copied some material from another source or website without permission.
    This project is very much against plagiarism. Researchers work very hard to collect and organize information for your viewing pleasure. It is not only immoral to copy their work, but most often illegal. We will not tolerate repeated instances of adding plagiarized texts to our database. Please understand this does not help our project, it only hurts us. We must rework the material or spend time cleaning it up; time that would be better spent creating new work.
    We use the GNU Free Documentation License that grants that the information contained in our articles can be viewed and/or edited by all for research and entertainment purposes. It also specifies that other researchers can utilize the work we have done, in conjunction with their own work, provided credit is granted to us.

    We must request that any content you may submit, if not originally written by you, be used with permission and be credited appropriately where possible.

    "Credit, Where Credit is Due".

    Please edit the page to remove or rewrite the copied material, or obtain permission from the creator for it's use on the Database.

    See out article on copied content to understand more about how the Image Comic Wiki supports independent comics and content owned copy!

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    • I am so sorry, I had no intention of claiming this as my own work. Nor did I have any idea how to obtain permission from its original writer, if there's any way you can help me in getting permission, I promise it won't happen again. I am deeply sorry about this

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    • The content has been removed and will be worked on with any and all free time I have. I am deeply sorry about my actions, again, and promise this won't happen again. Please forgive me

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    • WolfMan, no worries. Everyone is here to contribute and help and I know you had good intentions. I'm sure Gravelord will be ok as there were talks of merging the Invincible wiki and this wiki since we're more active here. We'll see if he's ok with us moving it over and then all we'd have to do is source it.

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    • I hope the merger is soon, I do role playing as a hobby and I would love to get some more interested writers into Image Comics

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    • A FANDOM user
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