• Thank you very much for creating the Gharta page! The Autumnlands doesn't get enough love around here. I've made a few updates to the pages you created but you did a really good job for your first round of edits! Thank you.

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    • Hello, you're doing a great job! Can I ask that you help with sourcing? If we don't source where the content came from, it's nothing more than a blog. We'd really like to keep this website an encyclopedia of referencable material.

      Take a look at Albert Simmons or Marko (Saga) to see how references work. Basically you'd put <ref>{{c|The Autumanlands #1}}</ref> if the actions took place in the first issue of autumnlands.

      Also, I see you're uploading images in the right spot. Can you take a few seconds to fill out the template? This actually links it to the character page, artists, colorists pages etc. It's something we'd like to do with giving the artists credit for the images.

      image template

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    • Okay sure.

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    • A FANDOM user
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