• I thought I'd share a template with you. Comic pages are most often used for people to identify characters they don't know. If you've read the issue and you're not putting in everyone who appeared in the issue, put {{Missing Characters}} at the end of the page. This lets people know it's incomplete and flags the page with category.

    On the off chance you're adding based on cover, don't. The issue where Simmons didn't appear featured him the cover still oddly enough. Also, characters might have been flashback or in a vision which should be called out, so only add if you've read the issue. I'm clearly behind on my spawn issues :)

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    • No I was just doing a technical thing. See, somone else added James Downing to the issue, meaning they believed him to be in the issue, but they put him under the wrong name. Now there are a bunch of issues with "Jim" Downing, and I was fixing those. Thanks for the template though, one could add those to tons of issues on this wiki. I personally started reading Spawn at #250, which might have been a bad place to do so, but I always liked the original so I wanted to start when he returned. I'm caught up to the newest one, but I haven't read any of the James Downing issues.

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    • Yeah, I never read those either. Some day...

      Word on fix.

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    • Ps. What do you think of these newest issues with Larsen?

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    • I personally am so glad that he signed on. I'm kinda also a Spidey fan, and he illustrated some great stroylines, such as Venom losing his symbiote for the first time, the Sinister Six returning for the first time since their first appearance 25 years prior, Spidey losing his powers for the first time, and the debut of Cardiac. He also wrote a great six-issue storyline featuring the Sinister Six in the 90's.

      The Satan Saga War issues have been really great so far. I actually don't think I've read #262 yet, but maybe it hasn't come out. Larsen is doing a great job in my opinion with the story and artwork, and I know that a future issue about Spawn losing his powers will be amazing too.

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    • So when I changed my profile pic to this a while ago, you approved.

      I was wondering if you would approve a new one I was thinking about in anticipation for Invicible's return this month. (I might change it back later)

      I think this picture is hillarious and awesome at the same time:


      So do you approve?

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    • Also on a related note, what's your policy in regards to previews? Because I read a 5 page preview for the upcoming issue 127, which has some characters in it. Could those characters and a summary about those 5 pages be added to the issue's page or not until the issue is officially released?

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    • Sure, make your profile pic whatever you want.

      Was the preview official or a leak? If it's licensed out its good to go here. There's a spoiler policy somewhere that says if it's officially out it can go up. Leaks should abstain as they could change before official release. Also this release didn't come out Apr 1st did it ;)

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    • LOL! And no even if it was released then, it looked legit. You know that Cory Walker returns with that issue right? I don't know if it was a leak or not, it was on, but I'll wait anyway.

      And my profile pic would just be temporary until the issue, and also I'm hyped for Marvel's Civil War II comic event this summer. The image is a parody of its promotional posters.

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