• Hey there, have you seen our image template?


    Thank you for uploading new content to the Image Comics Database project!

    We have lots of images in our database, 7,579 in fact, and in order to keep them organized we use a system of naming, categories and licensing added to each.

    1. Please review our Naming Conventions for Images. Images are categorized by name, so a descriptive name rather than a string of numbers is important.
      1. As a guide, look what other images in a character's gallery are called, and continue with the same name and number. If you upload a first image of a character, use "[Name] [Universe] 001". We didn't always use Universe, so it's best to stay consistent with what existing characters use in your character line. Example: Spawn characters do not have a universe like "Al Simmons", while Chew does use a universe like "Anthony Chu (Chew)".
      2. Issue covers should be given at least the title of the series, the volume and the number. A name similar to the issue is preferred: "Title Vol 1 1". Textless covers should be called "Title Vol 1 1 Textless". Files that do not indicate the issue number will be deleted.
    2. Images should be no less than 300px wide, unless no bigger image is available.
    3. Add the Image Template to the images you upload. This is mandatory. Fill it in as detailed here, or below.
    4. Selecting the proper license is vital to properly maintaining our images. Please choose the license which best describes the image you are uploading. The most commonly used are 'Comic Single Panel' and 'Comic Cover', respectively.
    5. Other fields that should be filled in: Issue, Subject1, Artist. Add Source if you've taken it from a different site. If you've taken it from a different site and don't know the issue, DO NOT UPLOAD IT.

    For a more in-depth guide, see Help:Image Template Hub. In addition, please take a moment to review our policies page and more specifically our image policy.

    Questions can be directed to any of our admins, or asked on our forums.

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    • So, I got most of it, if you could add issue and credits it would be great. I also renamed it.


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    • Sorry, I did look for it, but couldn't find it.  I thought I might have done it wrong and I see I was right.  

      I am sorry I caused you more work than you wanted.  I kinda got caught up in something new and was having a blast with it.

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    • You're doing great and I would love to help you learn. I have recently had my first kid and find myself with little time to work on things, unfortunately. We need someone with a passion for Image to help take on editing or even over administration and I would love to help train those that can help carry the torch on.

      Usually all the buttons for the templates are above the page in edit mode. So clicking edit on any page will show you what templates are available (for the most part). There is one for images if you click it. It's also proposed when you upload an image via "Contribute -> Add a Photo" on the upper right hand side of the screen.

      Keep up the good work!

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    • Congratulations!!!  I would love to speak with you more about this, but I am on my lunch break from work at the moment.  Not supposed to do this at work.  (Shhhhhhhh).

      Will speak with you soon.

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    • Have you had any thoughts on admin for this site? I can help teach you for any questions (at least basic ones)

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    • Sorry, I completely forgot.  Real life is so distracting.  

      Are you giving it up, or looking for an additional?  The reason I am asking is because, I have entered my busy time of the year and will be so until the end of November / beginning of December.  

      I will be honest with you, I'm willing to try, but I may end up with hundreds of questions.  If thats okay with you...

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    • I'd rather not give it up as I'd love to get back to reading Image. Unfortunately my tablet broke and that's the only way I can read them. I also had a kid so most of my free time has been absorbed by changing diapers and bottle feeding.

      So while I don't need to go anywhere, I obviously haven't been able to help as much as I want. Brian is around too but he's taking a break from Image, he can answer questions too. So we can help you or anyone else that would have the passion to learn. You're welcome to ask as many questions as you want, just be aware the time intensive ones may not get answered just due to time right now. There's no commitment for required edits or anything like that, it's really just those who really want to improve image comic knowledge for others. No pressure.

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    • Good, I didn't want you to go.  Never been an admin before.

      I buy the books, but then I am a book person.  So how do I do this then???

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    • What's your favorite color, non-black/orange/green

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    • Blue is cool, so is violet or red.   But no way in hell is pink going to work.  

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    • Pink it is!!

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    • You suck!!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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